Sensual Skin-Folds& Beautiful Skin-Folds

It started with Rebecca and her pregnancy..

Some time in the start of the year (2017) I photographed my friend Rebecca.  I think she only had a few more weeks to go, you  get the picture? She was big and she was beautiful. We picked an green part of Stockholm and the image was a mixture of pre-summer light, the start of something new and the greatness of a pregnant body.

I later on retouched and edited the images, uploaded one to Facebook and kind of forgot about it. The image was harmless (to be frank, her stomach was so big it covered the vagina and the (female) nipples were pretty hidden too) and in the jungle of highly sexualised images on social-media I thought this one was pretty tame.

In the middle of Trump-mania and his “you can do anything… grab them by the pussy” I was for the first time  blocked from Facebook. Next up was my Instagram account.  I am still not sure if this is reported by actual humans or “robots” or humans that feel like robots on the inside. The only thing I do know is that there would be no life without birth and to censure a pregnancy is to censure life itself.  My image was against the “guidelines” with its “sexual content” and the “community standards” had the image deleted.  This exercise in censorship and oppression (I was genuinely upset/distressed) inspired me try something completely legitimate, but still full of body and blood.

Amazing Body #SensualSkinFolds #BeautifulSkinFolds

After only a couple of weeks #SensualSkinFolds was hidden and blocked.  I moved my pretty skin-folds to #BeautifulSkinFolds which is still public. The folds has moved many times that I am not sure which ## to stick with.  The pictures I created (with help from Insta followers and friends) are simple folds. They might or might not look like something else, but in the end of the day we are talking about knees, armpits and a tongue. Imagine that? Even the idea of something representing a vagina is censured? When did the representation of a vulva enter the darkness of censorship? What are we going to do about this? I am pretty shocked, vaginas is getting blocked and deleted meanwhile my Facebook wall and the news are full of dick pics (Trump, Putin, Kim Jong-un and a bunch of right-wing politicians ).

Jannica Honey Instagram




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