A short reflection up on nude photography

A short reflection up on nude photography,

Most people I photographed in my mid twenties ended up naked in front of me and my camera. There was no real reason more then I was preoccupied with naked people. I always thought the bare body was beautiful. Like a bodyscape taking you to amazing places.  I now know where this fixation comes from, but that is a different chapter.

Slowly, slowly less people got their kit off, since I little by little grew up and stopped asking. As Andrew Eaton-Lewis put it in his writing, it’s all about the context. With age (and wisdom, they come together, right?) I became more hesitant about doing another blunt (the images were good, but what was the story?) nude shoot. As my tutor Jon experienced, most of my course work was naked bodies and female shapes. When I think about the images today I wonder: what was the narrative more then a heavenly landscape of breast, hips, stomach and skin?
I don’t do many nudes anymore. People bare more in my portraits then penises and vaginas, they share insecurities and strengths.
The last time I asked someone to undress was during a press-shoot for Stanley Odd, I thought it would look evoking with Dave Hook naked and exposed. Dave said no and we did something else. 
All this makes me think, is it ok to shoot nudes without  meaning? Photographing people naked with no context? Do we not have the responsibility for a mindful reasoning before someone to bare her/himself? I think so.


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